We've placed in this space some documents that may be of interest to friends as well as members of Yorkminster Presbyterian Church.

The Bible and Homosexuality

With the recent changes made to the Presbyterian USA's constitution, many people are wondering what the Bible says about homosexuality. The "Thoughtful Christian" recently published a very balanced and informative piece on this subject -- two handouts are included in this download:

Corporation Documents

Columbarium Survey results

The results of the on-line portion of a columbarium interest survey are available here.

Annual Statistical reports

Statistical reports for the following years are available:

Capital Campaign reports

Building the Fellowship Center

Learn more about the process of our campus improvements - including the cost, committee, and history.

As part of the kickoff dinner for the final Capital Campaign on May 9, 2009, a slideshow presentation with pictures associated with the 2006 construction project of our Fellowship Center was compiled. It is available onĀ YouTube.