New Building

The completed building on November 18, 2006

This page gives information about the recently completed Fellowship Center at Yorkminster Presbyterian Church's campus in Yorktown, Virginia.

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Final Status

A dedication dinner was held on January 20, 2007, marking the official end of the project.

The 2007-2009 Capital Campaign has concluded; over $ 1.2 million was raised, exceeding the target of $ 1.1 million by 10%; the final three year campaign (2010-2012) raised another $ 831,088 in pledges. Our outstanding debt for this project and other land acquisitions stood at $2,590,788 at the end of 2009.

Donations continue to come in for components of the new building; this page gives the latest status.

A YouTube video with a timelapse sequence has been posted.

Building Dedication

Saturday, 20 January 2007
The dedication of the new building was held on the evening of January 20, 2007. Nearly 400 people enjoyed a beef brisket dinner, served by the youth of the church, and a short program officiated by Feild and Jenny Russell and CIC co-chairs Bill Roberts and Bruce Jackson. Guests included Harry Harris, our architect and Prebytery of Eastern Virginia general presbyter Richard Short, associate prebyter Mary Newbern-Williams, PEVA stated clerk Donald Bickhart, and former YPC pastor John Sadler. During the ceremony, the name of the main hall was unveiled: Covenant Hall.

Repairs to the building were completed just that week, except for replacement of the refigeration compressors.

The complete project timeline is available here.

Project cost

Total building construction cost was approximately $ 3.1 million. Total cost of design and construction over the past three years is $ 3.8 million. Over the entire ten-year span of the project, including land purchases and preliminary design work, the total cost is $ 5 million.

Our construction loan principal equaled $ 2.8 million at the end of 2006. We are projecting a payoff date of August 2025 to retire the project debt.

Documents available for download

These documents are provided in reverse chronological order to their creation date.

Project cost estimate (October '05) (PDF, 60.0 KB)
The final project cost estimate, as given to the Session on October 10th prior to final project approval.
Top-level building requirements (August '05) (PDF, 69.7 KB)
The building top-level requirements, as approved and revised by the Session.
Campus Improvements presentation to the congregation (July '05) (PDF, 2.2 MB)
This presentation lays out the process we've followed in arriving at an affordable Fellowship Center that meets our most pressing needs without bankrupting the church.
Financial Study Committee presentation to the congregation (July '05) (PDF, 960 KB)
The FISC committee has put together their plan for raising the money necessary to pay for the new building; they also show projected attendance levels.
Updated traffic study (May '05) (PDF, 3.4 MB)
This study showed we could defer development of a north campus exit.
Project status report (April '05) (PDF, 650 KB)
Provides a history and status of the new building project; this was presented to the Class of 2007 church officers during their training session in May.
Project update to congregation (December '04) (PDF, 1.7 MB)
This joint presentation by the Campus Improvements and Fiscal Studies committee describes the reasons for having to redesign the building this year. It was presented on December 8, 2004 after a fellowship dinner in the Sanctuary.
North expansion purchase presentation (November '02) (PDF, 850 KB)
This presentation describes the reasons we decided to purchase the Meredith/Woods property to our immediate north, for use as an eventual second exit from the campus.
Prioritized facility requirements (May '99) (PDF, 46.2 KB)
With land secured, this document was the first shopping list for what was needed in facility space for mission needs. It was used to guide a series of phased construction ideas, and to pick which needs took priority in the original Fellowship Center plan.
South expansion purchase presentation (April '99) (PDF, 3.3 MB)
This presentation was the original proposal to expand our campus; it included about 4.9 acres plus another 3 or so acres as an optional purchase.
Original ten year plan (September '97) (PDF, 268 KB)
The Session-sponsored Long-Range Planning committee produced this document, which was approved by the Session; it called for an investigation of possible campus improvements to help Yorkminster fulfill it's mission.

The Building Committee

The Campus Improvements Committee included:

  • Penny Martin
  • Tom Geary
  • Max Kurbjun
  • Betty Quarles
  • Bill Roberts, co-chair
  • Bruce Jackson, co-chair
  • Feild Russell, co-pastor (ex officio)
  • Ed Bruce and Sandy Stubbs, Construction Oversight


Updated 3 June 2010